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Biden hits Trump on his reported ‘suckers and losers’ remark as part of a fall ad blitz.


The Biden campaign has announced the release of five new ads — targeting Hispanic voters, rural communities, working families, the elderly and veterans — in 16 states, including all the major battlegrounds.

The campaign would not say how much it is spending on the spots.

But the new ads are part of the leading edge of an enormous fall advertising blitz that is already outpacing the Trump campaign in most of the key battleground states.

In addition to hammering away at the economy and health care — the core issues that Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s team sees as the path to victory — the ads also include pointed references to President Trump’s disparaging remarks about the military, reported by The Atlantic and vociferously denied by the president.

The ads, an array of 30- and 60-second spots, are a mix of positive and negative messaging, emphasizing Mr. Biden’s record and slamming Mr. Trump.

They are also aimed at hybrid voter audiences. One of the spots that will air nationwide, titled “More Important,” targets Latinos and veterans.

It features a direct-to-camera testimonial from a retired Army veteran, Paul Cruz, who calls out Mr. Trump for calling fallen soldiers “suckers and losers,” according to the report in The Atlantic.

Another of the ads returns to familiar themes of Democratic political advertising — protecting Social Security and Medicare and accusing Mr. Trump of endangering those programs — as the Biden campaign seeks to press its surprise advantage among older voters.



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