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Facebook pulls pages linked to ex-Trump aide Steve Bannon


Following the lead of Twitter and YouTube, Facebook on Monday removed several pages linked to former Donald Trump adviser Steve Bannon, whose content pushed unsubstantiated claims of election fraud.

According to the human rights group Avaaz, the social media giant took down seven pages directly linked to Mr. Bannon that had 2.45 million followers and that the group flagged to Facebook content monitors on Friday. “Our team had identified some of these pages earlier this year for repeatedly sharing misinformation on false ‘voter fraud’ claims potentially reaching 10 million views in the last week alone,” an Avaaz spokesman said.

“We’ve removed several clusters of activity for using inauthentic behaviour tactics to artificially boost how many people saw their content,” a Facebook spokesperson said.

The pages removed had names such as “Conservative Values,” “The Undefeated,” “We Build the Wall Inc,” “Citizens of the American Republic” and “Trump at War.”


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