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Sourav Ganguly’s health improves; tests negative for COVID-19


The BCCI president was admitted to the Woodlands Hospital in Kolkata on Saturday.

A day after he was admitted to a Kolkata hospital after suffering a mild heart attack, Board of Control for Cricket president and former Indian cricket captain Sourav Ganguly on Sunday showed apparent improvements in his health parameters with the ECG report in the morning showing no further complications.

Mr. Ganguly was admitted to Woodlands Hospital on Saturday with chest discomfort, heaviness of head, vomiting and a spell of dizziness while performing physical exercise in the home gymnasium. The 48-year-old cricket icon suffered a mild heart attack on Saturday and an angioplasty was performed on him later in the evening.

Rupali Basu, MD and CEO of Woodlands Hospital, said that Mr. Ganguly had an “uneventful night”. She said that Mr. Ganguly’s blood pressure and other parameters were normal. The number of doctors in the medical board treating him had increased from five to eight.

“It was an emergency crisis. It is over now. He got treatment at the right time and is stable now,” Asish Patra, one of the doctors treating him, said.

A statement by the Woodlands Hospital said that Mr. Ganguly had tested negative for COVID-19 on Saturday. The hospital statement also added that Mr. Ganguly’s family had a history of ischemic heart disease.

“Treating doctors are keeping constant vigil on his health situation and taking appropriate measures from time to time,” the hospital statement said.


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