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Georgia goes to poll for key Senate runoffs


Over 3 million people have voted early.

After an unprecedented campaign that mobilised Donald Trump and his White House successor Joe Biden, Georgians troop to the polls on Tuesday for two closely-watched U.S. Senate runoffs that could shape the first years of the new Democratic presidency.

For nearly 20 years, Georgia has voted reliably Republican in the presidential election and Senate contests.

But Mr. Biden pulled off a shock victory in Georgia in November, one of the several States that he flipped to win the White House, and the races for the Senate have come down to the wire in the biggest, most expensive congressional runoffs in U.S. history.

Polls open at 7 a.m. in the southern State. A record three million-plus people have voted early, election officials say, and final results may not be known for several days.

Massive spending

A staggering $832 million has been spent on the two contests, including spending in the primary and general elections, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

If Democrats flip both seats, they win back the Senate, effectively handing Mr. Biden all the levers of political power in Washington and helping him enact his ambitious legislative agenda.


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